About us
Vi arbetar med förebyggande säkerhet. Vi är där före något händer.

Guard Security Service is an authorized security company based in Luleå since 2002. Our staff handles all our services well, hence we know that we can promise the customer a quality that is unique, with results. All staff are continuously trained according to the regulations of the guarding industry.

The security industry often requires fast security solutions with great flexibility. This is something that we are very aware of and thanks to our competent staff and flexible organization, we do not hesitate to help you as a customer with the opportunity to set up at short notice.

Flexibility and dedication

We identify your unique needs through consultation.

Security consultation
You may not be sure of the opportunities available or what you need. We help you understand both the situation and possible solutions.
Guards & Security Surveillance
From rounds to shop visits, to attend night bus - everyday security that makes you and your surroundings safer. Performed by staff, personnel or security guards.
We develop competence individuals and companies in security.
Customized safety solutions
For more complex situations, sometimes creative and highly customized solutions are required. Our experience shows the way.
Vi levererar trygghet
We assess and propose a solution to your unique situation during a free security consultation.
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